Once upon a time there was a girl in Cyprus with long brown hair called Simoni. Her name was very different from all the other children, so she always felt the need to be different in every way.

When she grew up, she studied Textile Designs in London, and ever since then, she has been back in Cyprus. In 2010 she created her own brand, Simoni Textile Designs, which consists of beautiful hand-woven fashion accessories.

She loves pink, lace, vintage items, roses, travelling, accessories and of course fashion! That is why, in January 2011 she created her own personal fashion blog: Fashionable Rose, where she can share with everyone her fashion and beauty moments!

So far, her life has been full of beautiful surprises and she is looking forward to the future, by looking at everything with a positive view! She has a lot of dreams and she was always taught that all fairytales have happy endings….
She is wishing for a happy one too!

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