Amsterdam : 4 Cute places for Brunch, Lunch and Desserts

  • As some of you already know from my Instagram feed, I traveled to Amsterdam last week. I have to say that this time I enjoyed food to its fullest, I tried a lot of different types of food and visited a lot of cute restaurants.
  • Today I am sharing my 4 favourite places for Brunch, Lunch and Desserts!
  • Let me know if you visited any other restaurants for brunch that you liked in Amsterdam. I am certain that I will be going back soon!


1.Blue Amsterdam:

A very cute place for breakfast, lunch, brunch, coffee, snacks and desserts.

Why to visit: It has a beautiful view of Amsterdam from up high.

Location: It is on the third floor of of shopping centre Kalvertoren in the city center and close to the shops.

What I ordered:  A very tasty cappuccino. I visited this place twice and at the second time I had a yummy lunch: french fries and a salad with cous cous.

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2.Pluk Amsterdam:

A restaurant for breakfast and lunch. It also sells home accessories, which are very cute! You can also check their online shop to see what they sell!

Why to visit:

For breakfast there is a big selection, such as omelets and pancakes.

If you want to eat something light and fresh for brunch they have a big range of fresh sandwiches and salads.

Everything is displayed in a very cute way!

Location: Reestraat 19, 1016 DM

What I ordered:  A quinoa salad with apple and pecan nuts and a humus with zucchini and egg plant and paprika sandwich.

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3. Corner Bakery Amsterdam:

A breakfast and brunch restaurant with a lot of pastel elements and a paradise for Instagram lovers!

We had to wait a lot of time to be sited so it is better to arrive early and to be willing to wait.

Why to visit: Everything is presented in a very cute way, and your brunch will defensively be the perfect Instagram post! If you like pancakes, and milkshakes this is the place to visit. You can order your milkshake with a doughnut on top! They looked delicious but as I am not a big fun of milkshakes so I did not try them.

Location: Johannes Vermeerstraat 40 1071 DT

What I ordered: Healthy pancakes which were served with fresh fruits and Croque Madame an egg ham and cheese sandwich.

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4. De Bijenkorf Kitchen

On the top floor of De Bijenkor shopping center there is a place for food lovers. You can choose from different types of food such as pizza, burgers, asian food and many more. You can also enjoy coffee, juices and a very tasty desserts. There are also more healthy options such as fruit salads!

Why to visit: The quality of the food is very good, and if you love food, it is the best place to be as there are so many options. Everything is placed nicely and look delicious.

Location: Dam 1, 1012 JS

What I orded: Cappucino and a dessert with meringue and buttercream.

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