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  • Recently, We welcomed Bobbi Brown in Nicosia.
  • I visited ‘Beauty Line Stasikratous’ and Nicoletta, the make up artist, explained to me  the philosophy of the brand, which I found very interesting.
  • The brand emphasises on each person’s own natural beauty. Bobbie Brown thinks that to ‘Be Who You are’ is the secret to beauty, and I could not agree more with that!
  •  I would love to share with you my own experience, on visiting Bobbi Brown.



  • Nicoletta explained to me, that you can have your own ‘How to’ make up lessons, in the shop, and the make up artist will share with you all those simple beauty tips that you are dying to know and that, would make your everyday life much easier.
  • You can choose between the ‘Essentials’ and the ‘A La Carte’- ‘How to’ tips.
  • ‘The Essentials’ -‘How to’ tips have to do with basic techniques .For example:
  • ‘how to apply foundation’, concealer or eyeliner using only a few steps.
  • ‘The A La Carte’- ‘How to’ tips, are more specific, and they can solve all your make up questions and ‘problems’ such as
  • -‘how to emphasise make up when wearing glasses’,
  • -‘how to take care of your skin’, (there is a big range of skincare you can choose from),
  • ‘how to achieve the perfect office look’,
  • ‘how to apply make up in 5 minutes’
  • ‘how to achieve the perfect Sun kissed glow’, and many more!
  • Today I chose the ‘Sun kissed glow’-how to‘ lesson.

  • There is a chart for every customer. Nicoletta applied three different shades of foundation, on my skin, to find the perfect shade for me. There is a big range of colours, and that makes it so easy to find the perfect colour foundation for you.
  • For me, she used ‘Skin Foundation’ Stick, which is suitable for all skin types, (For dry and oily skin) in 2,25.

  • After choosing the right colour, Nicoletta used the chart to find the right concealer for me, which is in colour ‘Sand’. You can use the chart to find the right blush and bronzer compared to the foundation colour you are using.
  • For the ‘Sun Kissed glow – How To’, Nicoletta applied the  Bronzing Powder: Tawy Brown, where the sun naturally touches the skin, using a wide brush. ( On the forehead, cheek and nose) and for extra glow she added ‘Bronze Glow Highlighting powder’ on the cheek bones.

  • After that, Nicoletta applied the ‘Shimmer Brick in Pink Quartz-Blush’, on the cheeks.
  • For the eyes: she applied the colour ‘Rose Gold 8’/ Shell 17 all over the eyes, and blended it with Cocoa 13 to give a warm and shinny bronze colour.

  • For the Eyebrows: she used ‘Natural Brow Shaper’, in ‘Clear’.
  • For the eyelashes: the ‘Lash Glamour Extreme Mascara’.
  • For the lips she used the ‘cocoa’ lip pencil and the ‘Beach 16 ‘-High Shimmer Lip Gloss which gave a beautiful shine to the lips.



  • After our ‘How to lesson’, Nicoletta prepared  all the products for me, that We used during the lesson, for my ‘Sun kissed glow’ look, in a beauty bag.
  • I kept the instructions of how to do the look again, at home, together with the chart, with the correct products for my skin colour, so that I can keep them, and know exactly which the correct colours, are, for me. Bobbi Brown keeps a record as well, so if you don’t have the chart with you next time you visit, they will be able to assist you, with all the right products.


  • It  was a lovely experience, and I was amazed how quickly, and with only a few amount of products you can create a beautiful and natural sun kissed look.
  • I love the fact that, Bobbi Brown cosmetics have different use, for example you can use a blush or a bronzer as an eyeshadow. 
  • Bobbi Brown is there for you, and is willing to share all the beauty secrets you need
  • And don’t forget, natural beauty is the secret to look beautiful!



Thank you Bobbi Brown and Nicoletta!

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