Take me back – Part 1

  • Travelling is like escaping, escaping for what is ordinary, escaping from your every day life. Coming back is always the hard part, because you feel like everything would be the same as when you left, but sometimes people move on, they change, everything changes.

The past is my favourite destination, and going back years, even decades always fascinated me.

  • If I had a time machine I would travel back to the 60’s. Experience how life was for a woman during that time, the lifestyle and fashion, the hair and the make up, her life generally.
  • This shoot is a very special one, as it managed to take me back in time and the reason behind that is my collaboration with Ntizainers Studio, and the photographer, Georgia Ioannou, who always manages to tranform every image to an amazing story!
  • On the next post you will find the main reason behind this collaboration so stay tuned for more!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the flight! 















A collaboration with: Ntizainers Studio

Photography: Georgia Ioannou

Backstage:Maria Skitsa

Clothes: Polyxeni Designs by Polyxeni Pazarou

Make up: Loukia Ioannou / Make Up Studio Cyprus

Hair: Flora Georgiou / Backstage by K Hair Salon

 To be continued…

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