Vintage Parrot

  • This playful, parrot skirt is vintage, and was bought 10 years ago. I was so happy when I found it again yesterday, whilst I was sorting through my winter clothes. I had wanted to wear it during the summer, but never had the chance, as it was well hidden somewhere in the closet, and now that I’ve finally found it, I wanted to share it with you.
  • Today’s look is very colourful and lady-like. As you know, I love neutral colours, but sometimes vivid colours make a difference to a simple outfit.
  • Other exciting news!!!!
  • I am very happy to announce that at the end of October I will be moving to London, to live with my boyfriend. I am trying to get organised and pack, but it is so hard to decide what to take with me. It is generally, a big change for me, but I am very excited about this new beginning in my life!
  • I will let you know more about it in the next posts!

Kisses until next time


















Blouse: Urban Outfitters

Skirt and bag: Vintage

Shoes: Michael Kors

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Fashionable Rose


  1. koukla Simoni kai ti uperoxa nea einai auta!!! kaneis ena megalo kai uperoxo vima pigenontas st londino!! otan to ksanaepiskefthw tou xronou sigoura tha sou pw na vrethoume <3

  2. This colorful skirt is so sweet, and again you managed to combine your accessories just perfectly to it <3 Oh Simoni I am honestly very happy and excited for you! London is my favorite city in the world, so lucky youuu (and lucky me too, because I guess I will be seeing a lot of London pics on your blog soon, haha)

    Hope you manage everything well.

    xx Stefanie

  3. Υπεροχο outfit!
    Σου ευχομαι καλο ξεκινημα στη νεα σου ζωη με πολυ ευτυχια!

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